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Need a commercial for TV? Looking to create a video for your website? Interested in a demo video that shows off your product or service? Thinking about doing a video interview including client testimonials? Wouldn’t it be great to have an animated rendering or graphic of how your product or service works? Video can be the most impactful and versatile tool in your marketing arsenal.

With YouTube reporting that mobile video consumption rises 100% each year, it’s clear that video is in demand. Users often feel a personal connection and trust towards brands that use video content on devices according to Google.

There are many platforms hosting videos (think Instagram, Facebook or Twitter). You want to create videos for the most appropriate platform, and target it to the most appropriate audience. Your business operates in a visual world where videos can capture and hold attention better than any other media out there.

Take the opportunity to capitalize on these social media platforms by using videos to generate more leads

Are you looking for the best possible price and the best content for your brand? You need someone who will immerse themselves in your story to best understand how to convey the message you want to get across. You don’t want to just tell your audience how your product or service will change their life; bring your product or service to life and show them to make an impact on them! Earn their trust and business for years to come.

Expose your brand with video production, planning, writing and editing

Take control of your project from the start – decide on your budget, give input during script development, and be a key decision maker from storyboarding to post production.

You want a video that’s going to make a difference in marketing your brand. But don’t just leave it at the content aspect of video marketing, you want a team who can help you figure out where to promote your video and how to best optimize your video content for search engines.

Choosing to work with a team who will include you in every step of the process looks like this:

Step 1: Initial meeting/Concept creation

You want someone who understands your brand to best tell its story. Your team will have the opportunity to meet with our in-house video professionals who will talk to you about your ideas to create a concept. You’ll then receive budget estimates so you’ll have a clear idea on what the costs will be. You’ll have a firm grasp on what the creative direction is for your video, and we’ll make sure any questions you have will be answered well before production begins.

Step 2: Pre-Production

Once you’ve chosen a concept and budget for your video we can begin with further fleshing out the creative. You’ll collaborate with our team to write the script, and approve a storyboard if needed. You can be as involved or not involved as you’d like in the casting and location search. Our team will handle the little things like locking in dates, managing the logistics, hiring crew, renting gear and tying up the loose ends before production begins to make it easy and stress-free for you.

Step 3: Production

After pre-production is complete, your video will be produced on time and on budget. You can rest assured that everything from wardrobe to craft services will be handled for the day of shooting. We want our clients to come to set and be able to enjoy the day and watch their vision come to life. Let us make it easy and fun for you.

Step 4: Post Production

With our in-house editing capabilities you can oversee the entire editing process. We’ll work with your team to make sure your video is on track and on budget. You’ll get your final video in whatever format your need.

We can assist your team in any of these aspects of video production

  • Shoot with one of our many cameras
  • Record Voice-overs
  • Recording Audio
  • Edit in Adobe premiere
  • Hire crew & manage logistics
  • Add graphics or motion graphics to your video
  • Write scripts or create storyboards
  • Casting talent and auditioning actors
  • Provide wardrobe direction
  • Location scout & manage

Have questions? Want more leads? Need help bringing your idea to life? Fill out our “Video Exploration” form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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