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Your dad uses it. Your grandma uses it. Your boss, your customers – the list goes on. Almost everyone is using at least one social media platform, and social media consumption is going up every day.

In fact, social media has become an extension of our everyday lives. It’s how we connect with people we haven’t seen in awhile, it’s how we shop, it’s how we stay up-to-date. And as marketers, it’s how we reach present and future customers, humanize our brand, and offer real value. It’s an important part of every business’s marketing strategy.

Using social media marketing to help achieve your business goals is a science. It’s a careful balance between talking, listening and engaging. It’s the thoughtful leveraging of owned, earned and paid media. Just having a Facebook page is not ‘Facebook marketing’ and is not going to cut it. In order to use social media marketing to drive actual results for your business, you need to actively participate.


A social media marketing strategy for business is not cut and dry. Your business needs a strategy that’s unique to your goals and your target customer persona. To help you develop a social media marketing strategy guaranteed for success, we take the take the time to understand your target persona. What are their pain points? What interests them? How does your business help them? We use that understanding to decide what social channels you should have a presence on, what kind of content you should be posting and how often, and the tone of voice you should be using.


You’re busy. We get that. That’s why so many businesses like yours seek out a social media marketing agency. Let us handle your social media community management, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Z Brand will assign you a dedicated Social Media Manager who can dive right into your social media accounts to act as the face and voice of your business. We’ll post for you, tweet for you, answer comments and messages for you. You name it.

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Z Brand Group is a digital marketing agency that has the science behind social media strategy ingrained in our brains. From day-to-day community management, to content creation, to full blown contests and campaigns, we know how to give your target customer what they want to see from your social accounts.


You can reach anyone on social media. Using Facebook advertising and other paid social media ads, we can target people based on their demographics, interests and behaviors. Want to target middle-aged females who live near your store, drive an SUV and watch HGTV? No problem. We’re experts in hyper-targeted social ads. We’re also experts in retargeting. We can serve up ads to your website visitors based on the pages they’ve visited. Think about it. If a customer visits your website, adds a product to their shopping cart, but never checks out, wouldn’t you like a second opportunity to get in front of them? Using retargeting ads, we can do just that.


People flock to social media to consume interesting, relevant content. Our team of creatives will craft visually appealing graphics to post to your social channels.

Social Media Contests

Social contests are an engaging way to put your brand in front of customers and grow your following. Z Brand will create, implement and manage social media contests including:

  • Photo Contests

  • Video Contests

  • Sweepstakes

  • Polls and Surveys

  • Quizzes

  • Giveaways

Business Results from Social Media Marketing

When done the right way, your social media marketing plan can be an effective and affordable way to grow youronline audience and generate leads.


We’ll help you leverage social media to get your message in front of your target audience and increase traffic to your website.

Lead Generation

Digital marketing is all about knowing how to craft messages for customers at every stage of the sales funnel. Using social media, we can nurture your followers until they become leads and, eventually, customers.

Relationship Building

Show your customers your personality. Show them you care. Your social platforms are your sounding board, but they’re also a play to engage with your followers, provide customer service and build lasting relationships.

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