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The world-wide-web is a massive entity. It’s difficult to break through the noise. But as a business, you have no choice. You have to be found. You have to be doing everything you can do to increase your online footprint and overall visibility. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the foundation of all of your online marketing efforts.

Your website is the center, the hub, of all of your internet activity. Even if you have very active social channels, or a Youtube following to die for – your website is where all of your lead generation takes place. It’s the home of all of your most valuable content. So you need your website to have a solid foundation. This is where SEO comes into play.

Breaking Down SEO

Search engine optimization is the most misunderstood of all of the modern marketing disciplines. So what is SEO? SEO describes the ranking of content by what the search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo – deem the most relevant to the user doing the searching.

In the good old days, SEO used to be quite basic. All it took was a few incoming links to your website to get it to rank well. Then, as the SEO practitioners became more creative and always seemed a step ahead of the search engines, the realm of SEO become a lot more broad. The search engines began looking at how prospects and customers were interacting with your brand and the web as a whole. SEO became a lot more complex.

Now, there are hundreds of ranking factors, a slew of misconceptions, and the ever-changing Google algorithm at play. Today, SEO is tied to the content on your website, your business directory listings, your social channels, the structure and technical foundation of your website, and more.

Local Business?

One of the most important ranking signals for a local business is consistency of business data (name, address, and phone number). Use our scan tool to see if major websites are sending customers to the wrong location because of bad data!

The SEO Marathon

At Z Brand, we understand digital marketing and how search engine marketing plays into the big picture. As your SEO consultant, we help build your strategy from the ground up, and execute along side you or for you entirely.

When we take on an SEO project, we are in it for the marathon. This is not a sprint to the finish. There are no silver bullets. We follow a very precise and data driven process. When we engage as your SEO company, we plan on working together for at least 12 months.


To get started, we perform an audit of your current market position and an audit of the current state of your website (the technical side and the user experience), gain an understanding of your business and business objectives for the next year, learn the competitive industry landscape and develop a detailed profile of your prospects.

Once we have a better understanding of where you currently stand, what the competition looks like and where we need to go, we do extensive keyword and content research to understand what topics are resonating with your prospects. This helps us dive even deeper into your buyer’s journey, and feeds our content strategy.

Finally, we sit you down to present our findings and our blueprint for your brand’s SEO marathon. Once the execution begins, we constantly (and we mean constantly) monitoring and reviewing the data. We execute, reviewing, adjust and repeat.

We make sure that the business objectives we set out to achieve or support from the beginning are coming to fruition. Because our SEO services are more than just services – they’re a part of the digital marketing marathon with major reward at the finish line.

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