Effective public relations strategies come down to two key components: relationships with the media and the right kind of follow-up.

Z Brand is currently working on public relations and social media for the upcoming NCJW Designer Days sale at Thriftique in Lawrenceville. Held from Nov. 2-5, Designer Days serves as the nonprofit’s largest annual fundraiser. Click here for more information and check it out!

NCJW Designer Days public relations

Z Brand’s public relations strategies are specifically tailored for each client that walks through the agency’s doors. At the same time, there are a couple of public relations strategies that can apply to almost every client’s need.

Of course, step one of any public relations strategy often involves a press release, and this release needs to be well written with key points right up front. Why should a reporter care? Don’t bury your own lead. Create a hook that lets the reporter know exactly why they should read more – and why they should come to your event!

The kicker is this – existing relationships with members of the media matter!

So if you don’t have any strong ties, it’s worth setting up meetings at your favorite coffee shop. Reach out to the reporters who care about your cause and make the connection. After a well written press release, these relationships are key.

The next component of effective PR is what I originally called, “the right kind of follow up.” A press release cannot be sent off into the night and forgotten. So, expect to get what you put into your PR work. Reporters are busy people who are being bombarded with emails 24/7.

Follow up is crucial!

Yet, at the same time, avoid being labeled “annoying.” Too much follow up will end your progress quickly.

We would be thrilled to help you execute your next PR strategy, whether you are launching a new product, have an upcoming fundraiser, or another event you’d like to spread the word about.

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