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Be relevant, not interruptive. Pull (gently), don’t push. Be in, don’t butt in. Inbound marketing is all about helping your audience find you in a natural, non-intrusive way.

Where outbound marketing has you fighting for eyeballs and attention, inbound marketing draws in and nurtures your audience. With inbound marketing, your future customers find you through a thoughtful combination of social media, blogs, content marketing, SEO, lead generation and lead nurturing.

Z Brand Group lives by the rules of inbound marketing. We get a thrill out of introducing new customers to your brand in a natural way. We take pride in making those customers think it was their idea, instead of pushing them. It’s an art and a science, and we’ve mastered it to help businesses like yours.

After 5 months of consistent Inbound Marketing practices, the average cost per lead drops 80% according to Oracle Marketing Cloud.

The Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound Marketing has proven to be the most effective way to approach digital marketing. It takes your audience on a journey – from being strangers to your brand, to being customers and advocates. This journey is divided into four stages:

Attracting Strangers

First, you need to attract strangers to the hub of your online assets – your website. To turn strangers into visitors, we use blogging, social media posting, and search engine optimization.

Converting Visitors

We need to help visitors take the next step to become a lead for your business. We offer your website visitors something of value. It could be a free trial, a demo, a download, a consultation. Something that gets them into your sales funnel.

Closing Customers

Once we’ve collected an email address from your prospect, we convert them into a customer through lead nurturing. To nurture your leads into customers, we use email marketing and marketing automation workflows.

Delighting Promoters

The journey doesn’t end once we’ve landed the customer. Your satisfied customers are your best promoters, so it’s important that we continue to delight them and provide them with relevant content.

Why Inbound?

Your phone rings, and an unfamiliar number is on the screen. What’s your first thought? “Probably a telemarketer.”

The truth is, consumers have wised up. Outbound, in-your-face marketing methods don’t work anymore. We see them coming, we recognize them, and we’re immune to them.

Today, we know how to use the internet to research our buying decisions, so we can confidently make the right choice.

Inbound marketing guides the customer through this research process and educates them. It’s a subtle sales strategy, but it’s highly effective.


An inbound marketing campaign isn’t a one-and-done tactic. It’s not something that will be tossed in the trash like a flyer, or run it’s course like a radio spot. If your content is useful and informative, it will continue to draw in and educate visitors.

thumb_01_60_60WARMER LEADS

It’s much easier to sell a warm lead than a cold lead. Inbound marketing builds trust with your visitors, so they’re more likely to seal the deal.

thumb_01_60_60MORE EFFICIENT

Many outbound methods are time consuming and labor intensive. Inbound marketing is more efficient, while delivering a higher return. Inbound marketing methods are less expensive, and you’ll pay less per than lead than with outbound methods.

thumb_01_60_60EASILY MEASURED

Unlike some traditional outbound tactics, such as billboards, we can deliver tangible metrics that give you insight into the effectiveness of your inbound marketing campaign.

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