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We get it. You thought marketing on the internet was going to be cheap and easy. You thought you could start a campaign and get serious traction right away. But digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. The more time you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Don’t worry, though. There is a tactic you can use to start driving results, right now. Pay-per-click marketing (or PPC marketing). Z Brand Group’s Google Adwords campaign management services have you up and running on Google Adwords and driving traffic to a landing page designed for your specific campaign within a few weeks.

Zero in On People Ready to Buy

At Z Brand, we manage various types of PPC advertising campaigns, including Facebook and Instagram ads. What makes an AdWords campaign different, though, is we can zero in on prospects who are further along in their buyer’s journey.

For example, let’s say you own a store in Pittsburgh that sells blue jeans. Instead of targeting people who like blue jeans, as we would for a social media advertisement, Google AdWords allows us to target people searching specifically for terms such as “where to buy blue jeans in Pittsburgh”. People searching for these very specific keywords are ready to buy right now, and Google AdWords is the best way to reach them when they’re in the moment.

Our Approach to Google Advertising



When you partner with us to take on your PPC management, the first thing we do is go through a discovery process to understand your business, your industry’s competitive landscape, and your prospects.

Then we can begin putting the whole thing together. We craft your offer, design your landing page, and setup a follow-up email sequence.

We don’t just send your PPC traffic to a page on your website – that’s not effective.

We want to drive conversions and ROI for you, so we use targeted campaigns with dedicated landing pages and follow-up email sequences to help turn your prospects into paying customers.

Once we have the offer phase wrapped up, we take a hard look at your prospects and how they are searching for your products or services online. Where were they before getting to your site? Where are they going? What questions do they have and what are they looking for online as their solution?

Armed with this information we begin building out your Adwords campaign. We handle everything from targeting specific geographies, writing your ad copy, deciding on your bidding and placement strategy, using ad extensions, mapping out ad groups, utilizing negative keywords and setting up your conversion tracking.

Finally, we launch your campaign and begin monitoring your campaign activity. We keep an eye on things daily and adjust as needed as we gather more and more data from the campaign in progress.

After launch, we will continue to provide provide weekly updates to you and your team, and have conversations to see how the campaign is impacting the business.

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